Back To School

It’s that time again! Teachers are hustling to make final touches on classrooms, bus drivers (like me) are buying coffee in bulk and learning new routes, while parents everywhere are busy preparing for back to school. • Before/ after school care in order? Check! • School supplies bought? Check! • Breakfast and lunch preparations made? Check! • Spiritually empowering our children to face the coming year? …wait a minute. Our children will spend the majority of every day, for the next nine and a half months, in a secular environment, where many times God is not welcome. Without spiritually preparing them, how can we expect our young men and women to meet every challenge they will face in a Christianly manner? I urge you, parents please make time to sit with your children with no outside distraction and read Matthew chapter 5. Read it, discuss it, and ask your child to give you an example of how they have seen these scriptures in action. Most importantly ask them how they can apply God’s word to their school year. Here are a few verses that stand out to me: Matthew 5:16 Be the light. Encourage them to let the love of God shine through their actions. They don’t need to stand up on a soapbox at lunch preaching the Gospel. Little things matter too. Like sitting with the kid who always sits alone, being courteous to teachers, or showing kindness to everyone, even the bully. Matthew 5:9 Be peacemakers. This is easier said than done. Even more so in high school where it seems everyone is hostile with each other. It takes courage to stand up for someone else, especially when it’s your friends picking on them. It takes courage to be a peacemaker. Matthew 5:44-45 Pray for your enemies. Anyone who says children can’t have enemies has never been a 13-year-old girl. Kids are downright mean to each other. This stems from insecurities. A child who is insecure wants others to feel the same. Let’s teach our children not to fall victim to this. Teach them to love those who are mean, adverse and bullies. More importantly, let’s pray with them for these kids. Here are some additional ways to ensure we are spiritually empowering our children: Pray for them. I am sure all of you are praying for your children. But are you praying specific prayers concerning their school year, their friends or their teachers? Pray with them. Don’t simply ask your child how their day was. Ask them to tell you something that was great from their day and something that wasn’t so good. Praise God with them for the successes and pray through the problems with them. Seek scripture together. Problems are going to arise. Take time and look up scripture together to help them work out their problems. Challenge them every week to put a new scripture in action. Just like the scriptures in Matthew, challenge your child to find ways to put other scripture into action. You may find yourself challenged to do the same! It’s that time again! 

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