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Letting the Text Speak (Romans 16)

July 29, 2019

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Gospel - Substance to Love

July 5, 2018

 In Sunday's message which you can find here, I dealt with the Gospel and our obsession with making it socially acceptable. That is that we stress the love portions of the Gospel, but we never get around to its substance.

The scripture does not tell us that God loves us, full stop. Instead, the Bible tells us that God loves us enough to call us, to justify us, to sanctify us, etc.

I gave two examples on Sunday morning. First a bunch of children running around in the backyard with sharp knives. I asked how loving we thought it would be if a father poked his head out the back door and just yelled to his children "I love you." This garnered a bit of a chuckle.

We all know intuitively, that is not love!

Instead, love would say "hey guys I love you, now give me the knives."

The second example was a quote from well-known magician and atheist Penn Jillette. You can find this video here

In the end Church, anyone selling a gospel that does not call people to repentance is selling a false gospel. They're not communicating the substance of God's love. In their own human effort, they try to give God some sort of PR help by ignoring the offense of the Gospel. God doesn't need our help.

I find it interesting that nowhere in scripture do we read, "if we will just tell the gospel correctly people will clamor to accept it." However, over and over in scripture, we see that the gospel will be offensive to the world, and some will be ashamed of it but that we should stand firm and proclaim the truth to the end.

Go tell someone how and why God loved them. See where that conversation takes you. 

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