Believing What is Right

In last week's blog, I made the case that rightly dividing the Word of Truth is essential for several reasons. You can find those reasons here. Today I want to talk to you about why it's important to believe what is right. That is why it's important to understand what has been rightly divided. The Apostle Paul when writing to Timothy about this great task bookends it with two equally essential ideas. Number one that "wrangling about words" is both useless and leads to the destruction of the hearer. And two that believing what is wrong leads to "further ungodliness." It has been my experience that when a person wants to believe a particular idea although unscriptural, they will participate in biblical gymnastics AKA "wrangling about words" to justify their position. A sad side effect is that many others are often led astray by these efforts. It is also my experience that when people believe wrong ideas (those things which have not been rightly divided), it leads to the creation of man-made doctrines to support their agendas. These doctrines serve to divide the church; they've helped to do so since even the very first congregations. In the end, rightly dividing the word of Truth and believing the rightly divided word leads to life and peace in Christ Jesus. When it is wrongly divided, it leads to constant struggle and conflict in order to justify one's own opinion.

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