True Growth

And so continues the emotional rollercoaster saga that is my yucca tree . Can you have too many blog posts about gardening? Maybe. But I’m willing to push the limits. An interesting thing has happened. And I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. The promised growth I’ve been searching for is here (insert trumpets and fanfare). But it DOES NOT look the way I thought it should. And I’m having a hard time accepting that. My tree was supposed to shoot beautiful new growth from the top of its barren trunk. I was ready for lush green leaves, the perfect height to sit under my off-center livingroom picture. Instead? The top of the trunk died. Died. Dead. Rotten. But then something popped out of the soil at the base of the tree. A new growth. I can’t help but feel God is chuckling at me as it parallels my life. I want to prune a bit off here, make a swift cut there, and see gorgeous growth. Instantaneous achievement of the fullness of His solution. Instead, I see something small poking through the soil of my situation. Fragile. Inconspicuous. Covered with dirt. The growth I’ve prayed for. The growth He’s promised. But it doesn’t look like the growth I imagined. So I’m faced with a reality about myself. Do I really want to grow or do I only want instant solutions? I want instant solutions. I want an easy way out. I want a perfect aesthetic without significant effort, perfect circumstances without significant conflict. But the Spirit inside of me wants true growth. The kind of growth that somehow transforms selfishness into selflessness. So I put aside my want for my desire. To be more like Christ. What kind of growth do you want? Action Step: Read James 1:2-4 and Hebrews 12:6-11

What do they say to you about God’s methods of growing us?

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