Thankful In All Things

A couple of months back during our family devotion, we were discussing being thankful. In an attempt to verbalize our gratitude I asked everyone to share something they were thankful for. Both Sam and Kate had great yet typical answers. But when we asked Jo, she boldly declared, "Fingers!" Although funny at the moment, her response triggered a far more cerebral conversation in the days that followed. Sometimes all it takes is the simple statement of a child to call us back to reality.

In this case, it was the reality that there are many things we take for granted that given a little thought would produce a great deal of praise in us. Challenge: Read  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18  and list some things you're thankful for that you might usually overlook. 

#thanksgiving #gratitude #praise #NathanFranckhauser #Piercepointchurch #piercetownship

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