Someone Hears

Sarah and I have three ever-expanding lists of the curious things our daughters say. Each has an alliterated name: "Sayings of Sam," "Kate's Comments," "Jo's Jargon." And when Bekah begins to talk we will add a fourth titled, "Bekah's Babel."

Here's one example: When Sam was five years old, she very seriously said to us, "I lived a long time before my life came to this."

Needless to say, Sarah and I had a good laugh.

But no matter what our kids say, Sarah and I go to great lengths to make sure they know we hear them. What they say may not be well informed. It may be downright strange but ensuring that we hear them is crucial. 

This is necessary for every one of us as people. We desperately need to be heard. And although we may feel let down in this area by others, as Christians we are fortunate to have a Heavenly Father that always hears.

No matter what you have to say even if no human is listening, Someone hears.

Challenge: Read Psalm 139:1-4 today and meditate on David's words.

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