Potential not Past

Jesus treats me as he knows I can be, not as I’ve proven to be in the past. He doesn’t operate under fear that I’ll let him down...again. He says he doesn’t even remember what happened last time I hurt him. He sees my potential. Not my past. It’s a real innocent until proven guilty attitude. Only I know I’ll never be proven guilty. He already stepped in and covered me while my verdict was read. What could be more freeing? So why is it so hard to take that freedom and release it outwards? Why is it a struggle to adopt Jesus’ attitude and focus on people’s potential—not past? Why is there still a small part that calls for justice? Even when I know I’ll never have to pay for the wrongs I committed? Can an unloving heart be disguised as prudence? Discernment? Caution? What would happen if we treated our brothers and sisters as though we were excited about each other’s potential? What would change? Would confidence and faith grow? Action Step: Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

#sin #freedom #past #StephanieGammon #Piercepointchurch #piercetownship

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