Don't Harden Your Heart

Sometimes we just don't want to obey.

A couple of months back my daughter Kate was nagging my wife to let her go into the bathroom with her. I never imagined women started so early at that sort of thing. :)

Anyway, while Sarah tried to stop Kate's annoying petitions my oldest daughter Sam chimed in to help, "Kate remember what Daddy says, 'listen and obey.'"

Sarah responded, "That was a good reminder, Sam, thank you."

However, Kate's rebellion was simple yet resolute. She looks at Sam and said, "No! I don't want to hear that sound."

I can assure you at that moment Kate knew exactly what she was doing, even at three years old. She's very much our defiant one, but she's also brilliant.

This scenario begs the question, can't we all see ourselves in this illustration? Each day God tells us what to do, but our hearts say no. God speaks, but we don't want to hear His voice. The preacher reminds us of God's call, and we just want to stick our head in the sand.

Of course, it's easy to obey on specific issues, i.e., murder. But what about forgiving your brother? What about praying for and loving those who've mistreated you? What about turning the other cheek or not repaying evil for evil?

The Bible encourages us not to harden our hearts and thus willfully disobey the God who loves us. In  Hebrews 3:12-15  the writer tells his readers that they should be on the alert, encourage one another toward obedience and lastly not hardening their hearts toward God's commands.

Today I want to encourage you to reflect on any area in your life where you know God has called you to obey, and you just don't want to. Confess that to God and yield to His plan for holiness in Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we just don't want to obey, but God's mercy beckons us to anyway!

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