Four Questions

Sunday I asked you to spend some time answering four questions. They were as follows:

1. How has God gifted you for works of service? (i.e., Spiritual Gifts, talents, how you’ve been “wired” etc.)

2. How can we help equip you? (Teaching, resources, discipleship, etc.)

3. Are you currently serving in an area outside of PPCC in which we could help?

4. What’s the biggest issue you’re facing right now in which you need prayer?

This Sunday we will be talking about works of service and how it relates to calling or gifting. So hopefully we will confirm or refine the answer you have to question one.

Once a clear answer is given to question number one, a kind of IEP (Individual Education Plan) can be worked out to address question number two. However, if you already know the answer to number one you probably have a good idea of the help you need.

The third question was an attempt to encourage you toward those areas of service outside the four walls of the church. Our leadership team is eager to hear all the areas in which you serve so that we can help provide you with the tools necessary to bring about the Kingdom of God right where you are.

Lastly, we asked about areas in which you need prayer. The answer to this question is powerful in zeroing in on ways to equip you. For example, if you said you need prayer for your marriage, it would make sense to ask a few questions and then remind you of what Jesus had to say about love, marriage and going the distance. What you want prayer for can be very helpful in guiding leaders.

This weekend we will be tackling many if not all of these questions so don't miss part two of Equipping The Saints!

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