A Few Questions

Yesterday we embarked on a new series titled Equipping The Saints. There were three ideas stressed in our time together.

1. To equip means to provide the tools necessary to bring the Kingdom to bear in our lives.

2. The Kingdom of God touches every area of our lives.

3. If we don't love enough to serve, we don't love.

I encourage you to listen to the message here.

To better equip the saints (that's you btw), I asked you all to answer a few questions. I've listed them below, and I would love for you to pray and think through your answers and then send them to piercepointchurch@gmail.com.

1. How has God gifted you for works of service? (i.e., Spiritual Gifts, talents, how you’ve been “wired” etc.)

2. How can we help equip you? (Teaching, resources, discipleship, etc.)

3. Are you currently serving in an area outside of PPCC in which we could help?

4. What’s the biggest issue you’re facing right now in which you need prayer?

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