Gotta Have Faith

It was extremely late. The family meeting had gone longer than expected. The rather weighty topic at hand was quality of life. To put it bluntly, we were discussing how to best comfort a "dying" boy.

The prognosis wasn't good and the only treatment plan offered was an untold amount of chemotherapy. Radiation couldn't and wouldn't be the way this precious life would end!

As the majority stumbled to their corners, feeling somewhat defeated, a spark entered the conversation of those who remained. Instead of the bleak "just make him comfortable" talk, we found ourselves right in the middle of a vibrant discussion about faith. What is the object of our faith? Who's faith matters? The healer? The healed? Or those who care for the sick?

As we work through our thoughts together on this issue of healing and faith I want to say something vital to start us off: regardless of who we are in the mix (the healer, the sick or a friend) our faith... is not... in faith! Nor is our faith in healing. Instead, our faith is in God! If it ever becomes the case that we have faith in faith we make it into some kind of work in itself. If our faith is in healing, we won't care through whom it comes. But if our faith is in God, then we will trust Him no matter what!

I'd love for you to read three stories, writing down your observations concerning whose faith was pointed out and what their faith was in. 1. Luke 5:17-25, 2. Matthew 9:20-22, and 3. John 11:38-44.

We will explore these tomorrow along with many of your questions!

Let me leave you with two things. Regardless of your view of healing (being apart of the atonement or not) God has called us to pray for the sick. God has called us to place our trust in Him. Regardless of our differences, we can all agree that God is in control!

P.S. The young boy I mentioned earlier hasn't undergone even one treatment of chemo, and yet his mom and dad say he acts and lives as if there were never an issue at all. Praise God!

#healing #faith

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