Healed - From What?

In yesterday's blog, I set a few ground rules. I strongly encourage you to go back and revisit them from time-to-time. I believe they can help us remain humble and gracious with one another especially if we should disagree.

Next, I asked you to read a few scriptures and ponder a specific question: "Within the context, how do the new testament writers understand Isaiah's prophetic word?"

First, let me deal with why this question matters so much. Professor and theologian Gordon Fee once said, “A text cannot mean what it could never have meant for its original readers/hearers.” That is to say we, as modern readers of the Bible, are not free to arrive at any conclusion we choose. Preferably we are to read and hear what the original audience would have read and understood.

Believe it or not, this is a big issue in the Church today. People espouse the strangest beliefs, all the while claiming biblical support. However, what they've done is taken something from the Bible and made it fit their agenda. This agenda-driven approach is how ideas like the health and wealth "gospel" get started. I could go on and on!

All that said and after reading our passages I hope we can agree on these two conclusions:

1. 1 Peter 2:24: (After Jesus had gone to the cross) The Apostle Peter taught that our healing was healing from sin.

2. Matthew 8:17: (Before Jesus went to the cross) Jesus' healing of Peters mother-in-law and "all who were ill" as well as the casting out of demons was the fulfillment of Jesus "taking our infirmities and carrying away our diseases."

Some say that a few things have been purchased in Jesus' atoning work on the cross: the removal of sin and the healing of our infirmities and diseases. This side has to answer questions like, why aren't all Christians healed then? Is it just a lack of faith? Are you saying God always wants everyone healed?

While others argue that Jesus physically healed and delivered the possessed to prove He was the person of whom Isaiah spoke. And that what Peter acknowledges in his epistle is the real work of the cross which was our deliverance from sin. This side has to answer questions like, is healing solely for evangelism? Doesn't God want His children to be well?

There's a lot more to this, but it'll have wait for tomorrow. 

What are your thoughts today? Do you have any scriptures that you'd like to add to this discussion? Comment below or send an email to piercepointchurch@gmail.com

#healing #faith #atonement #sin

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