Building Up The Body

At the end of yesterdays post, I challenged you to read Ephesians chapter 4. I hoped that you could and would identify the stated result(s) of God's leadership order. That is, leaders, equipping saints to do the works of service. And this to the contrast of the ever popular, saints paying a pastor to do the work for them.

Today I'd like to talk about one of those results; the building up of the body of Christ. Who does it, and why it matters.

Being a pastor can be a game of ego and pride. And sadly this is a direct result of the misguided order of the modern church. You see when we continue to operate under the idea that pastors are supported by saints to do the work of God, we logically look for those pastors with larger capacities. We look for pastors that are highly gifted, that can do more stuff, and instead of faithful men, we often settle for a kind of "spiritual C.E.O."

The better they are, the "happier" the people, the more opportunity they get, and all too often the more enormous the ego.

However, at the end of Ephesians 4 verse 12, we see God's design, and it's so much better than ours. Paul says that although God's leaders equip the saints, it's for the purpose that those saints "do the works of service." And here's the kicker, they do this work to build up the Body of Christ. 

God doesn't place the responsibility of building up the body in any one person's hands. 1. It's too much responsibility and 2. it utilizes only one person's gift(s). 

One reason why it's so important to get back to God's order is that He want's His body built up and it is impossible to do so without the whole working together. 

Tomorrow we're going to look at how this results in Biblical unity. I hope you'll join me!

#equipping #saints #Devotional

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