Finger Pointing

"What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you? Is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members?" - James 4:1 NASB My 4th-grade teacher always said don't point the finger in blame without first realizing there are three others pointing back at you. Some of you just tried that to make sure it was true :-) Her point wasn't that we can't ever attribute blame, but rather that we ought to do so with great humility. Jesus gave a similar instruction when He said to remove the log in your own eye before you go messing with the twig in your neighbor's eye. This same principle should govern us when we get into quarrels and fights. It's easy to blame the other person and in fact, such blame may be accurate but today's passage points us to self-reflection versus more blame. The source of fights comes from within the author tells us. And due to the fact that it takes more than one party to argue both sides can be to blame, albeit for completely different reasons. Our pleasures are what provoked us to war. For some, it's the pleasure of having, and so they covet or steal. For others, it could be the pleasure of being right all the time which in turn never allows a quarrel to go away. It's hard to gaze in the mirror only to realize that there is a measure of ugliness inside all of our hearts. This ugliness, James says, is what sources all of our conflicts and all of our fights. So what's to be done? First is to recognize all of us have this problem. Then James goes on to say that the remedy (verse 6) is humility. This is an attribute that God looks upon with Grace. Recognizing our part in any fight will lead us to find a resolution. If not with the other party it does offer us a great sense of peace within. Questions to Consider: How can humility prevent or end conflicts? How does Pride fuel conflict? Has pointing the finger in blame ever come back to haunt you? If so how? 


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