Blind People Can't See Signs

Read Luke 11:29-54

Have you ever wondered why Jesus, performing signs and wonders, tells the crowd here that theirs is an evil generation seeking signs and that none will be given to them?

It seems a bit strange don't you think? After all, signs are a vital part of our life. They help guide us on the right path, they tell us when to stop, they identify objects. If we think of our five senses as signs they tell us countless things that are profitable for daily living. 

But what happens when someone sees a sign over and over but they refuse to obey it? If it's a legal issue they may face punishment but if it's not the sign just becomes a meaningless object. Jesus has no problem with signs. The real problem here is that blind people don't see signs.

Jesus shares with them that Jonah had become a sign to the people of Nineveh and so he also was a sign to this generation. He reminded them about the Queen of the South who listen to Solomon's wisdom. And so he told them that she would condemn them because one greater than Solomon was standing before them and they refused to see. 

He continues on to use this illustration of a lamp, the lamp of the body is the eyes. Jesus shares that if the eyes are bad they only see darkness but if the eyes are made good they will allow the light to shine on them. 

The Pharisees had missed it. They tried in their blindness to make the outside of their cups clean all the while not realizing the insides were filthy. The teachers of the law could not see that they build monuments to the people who refused to see previous signs that God had sent. 

Jesus' point is clear these people were blind and no sign provided would ever point them in the right direction. Why? Because blind people don't see signs. 

However, through the Gospel Jesus had come to give these people the greatest opportunity of all. The same opportunity that we've all been given and as Christians the one we've accepted. That is, by grace through faith we can have new eyes, be remade, be born-again!

If you see the signs you're not blind yet, but now's the time to follow!

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