Small Giant: Choosing Great Instead of Big

This week we begin a new series at PPCC called "Small Giant: Choosing Great Instead of Big" In this series we will be learning what the bible says about being a great church and how pursuing size alone often hinders this goal.

Week 1 - Free To Choose (There's a cost to being great instead of big and we have to be willing to pay that cost... freely.)

Week 2 - Who's In Charge Here? (Great church's are stewarded by pastor/teachers, elders and others, but they are led by God!)

Week 3 - A Culture of Intimacy (Being great in our town, with our people, with our gifts.)

Week 4 - How To Fail (at pursing big.)

I hope you'll join us for each of these four weeks. It's time to be great, church!

#piercetownship #Amelia #uniontownship #Churches #NathanFranckhauser #Christian

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