Free To Choose

"They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." - Acts 2:42 NASB On the day of Pentecost Peter, along with the other Apostles, stood up and proclaimed the Gospel of Jesus Christ with uncharacteristic boldness. A ragtag group of rebels, in the very City in which their Lord suffered and died, among the very people who called for His crucifixion, made a choice to stand for their faith. Then, in light of a rather excoriating sermon, the thousands of people listening had a choice of their own to make; they could have rounded this group up and done to them exactly what had been done to their leader. Or they could allow their lives to be changed forever by the message. And the latter is exactly what they did! Asking what they needed to do in response Peter tells them to repent and be baptized. Not only did they obey this command, as we read in our passage today, they also chose to devote themselves to an entirely new way of life. The book of Acts goes on and on with rich stories of the choices of God's people in following Him. Each decision rooted in doing things God's way over and against doing things their way. And this is exactly what our call as Christians is today. Devoting ourselves to learn, fellowship, proclaim Jesus's death and resurrection, as well as to pray are all a part of being God's Church. These are in fact staples, non-negotiables if you will. If you've been following the blogs you'll know we're beginning a new series at PPCC this week called "Small Giant: Being Great Instead of Big" and the first thing we're going to be looking at are the choices that we have to make to accomplish this goal. As we read today we see at least four of those choices. It may just be a start, but if we'll commit ourselves to these we will be well on our way toward becoming a "great church." Questions to Consider: What are some things God calls us to in order to be great? What are some things we are tempted to choose instead?

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