Boy Meets Girl...

"Husbands, love your wives and do not be harsh with them." - Colossians 3:19 NIV Let me tell you a little story. Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy ignores girl. Girl leaves boy. I know it's a far cry from a literary Masterpiece but it gets right to the heart of the scripture we read above. The word for love used in verse 19 is agapaô and it denotes "to take pleasure in" or "to prize above other things" and also "an unwillingness to abandon or do without." In other words, a husband's love for his wife is to be the kind of love that cherishes her above all else. It's a kind of love that views her as a treasure, one that he would abandon everything else to keep! Interestingly enough Paul sets pikrainô a word that means "to make bitter" as the contrast to love in this verse. But how did these correlate? In the scripture, God has established the love of a husband to be so intense that he values his wife above all other earthly relationships. Correspondingly God has placed it in the heart of the wife to be jealous for this affection. When a husband treasures his wife she feels loved, safe, confident etc. However, when a husband doesn't (agapaô) love his wife the result is an absolutely understandable bitterness. The marriage relationship is to be a reflection of the relationship that Jesus and his bride the church have. A husband is to live to the standard set for him by Jesus Himself. That standard is to love his bride even to the point of laying down his life for her. Jesus never provokes the church to a place of bitterness. Likewise, husbands should also give no cause for bitterness. So, our opening story should go: Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy treasures girl above all else. Boy and girl live happily ever after! Questions to Consider: Husbands, how can you cherish your wife above all other human relationships today? Have you given your wife cause for bitterness? What have you cherished above her? Wives, have you ever communicated to your husband how he might cherish you? How did Jesus model a husband's responsibility toward the Church?

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