Fully Mature In Christ

"He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ. To this end I strenuously contend with all the energy Christ so powerfully works in me." - Colossians 1:28‭-‬29 NIV

I hope I don't screw this up! That's the honest thought of a father of four girls each and every day. You see, I recognize my role as a father as one of the most important things I get to do in this life. On par only with being a husband and leading a church. My hope, along with my wife, is to present our girls fully mature in Christ just like Paul with the Colossians. After all, the Bible teaches we are to "train up our children in the way they should go" with the promise that "in the end, they will not depart". It also speaks of Elders in the church as men whose children "know the Lord". All of this reveals it's not just expected, it's also possible. But how? The answer is found in today's passage to the Colossians. Number one Paul says, "proclaim Him", that is Jesus. Number two "admonish" a word that means to rebuke as well as to advise. Number three "teach with all wisdom". And finally do so with the energy Christ works within". If we will Proclaim Jesus, admonish wrong, teach what is right and do so in Gods power we will discover the path to maturity. Although I have many doubts about my own abilities the plan set out here is God's plan. It may require a "strenuous contending", but like everything else God declares, it will never return empty! Questions to consider: Do you operate in God's power when contending for the maturity of the Christians around you? Whether a parent or not, how do you proclaim Jesus, admonish other believers and teach with all wisdom? Do you believe that this method will result in the maturity of those around you? If not, why?

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