What do you want from me?

"...bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God, being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience, and giving joyful thanks to the Father," - Colossians 1:10‭b-‬12a NIV "What do you want from me?" is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd. Written by Richard Wright, David Gilmore and his now wife Polly Samson, the song depicts a relationship in turmoil. Seeking the expectations within this love affair the singer asks questions like, "Do you want my blood?", "Do you want my tears?" and of course the songs name sake, "What do you want from me?" In love our expectations can often be miscommunicated, they can go uncommunicated or simply be misunderstood. Which then leads to frustration, confusion, division in many cases or in our present illustration the inspiration for hit songs. I'd love to report that this is a rare sentement in relationships, but the more I speak with couples the more it appears all too common. You see, within all of us there lies a deep need to discover what is expected of us. We need to clarify "what" we're to do as much as "why" we're to do it. The reason? Because there is great peace when expectations are clear. But what about our relationship with God? Have you ever wondered what God wants from you? After all, if this is the most important relationship each of us has, and it is, shouldn't we be clear on what is expected of us? Well take heart, God defines His expectations clearly. Yesterday we learned that we are to live lives worthy of God and to please Him in every way. But what does that mean? If this where all scripture said we might very well ask the same question as Pink Floyd. However as we read on we're actually given a few phrases that define our path. A life lived for God and pleasing to Him means, according to Paul: "To bear fruit in every good work" "To grow in the knowledge of God" "To be strengthened with all God's power" and "To give joyful thanks to the Father" As you meditate on this word today take heart that you are in one of many ways fulfilling this biblical idea. You are growing in the knowledge of Him, you are being strengthened by His power (His word and His Spirit which inspired it) and you are bearing fruit as you abide. All of this should lead to joyful thanksgiving! Questions to Consider: What other things do you see in scripture that define a life lived for God and one that is pleasing to Him? If you've struggled to discover Gods expectations in the past was it because of miscommunication (maybe from the church), lack of communication (by the church or even yourself) or misunderstanding?

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