In Light of Love

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God has called us to faith with works. But when we obey Christ after He has save us, why are we obeying Christ? Somebody answer that. Love. First that He loved us and second, in light of that love because we love Him. My wife asks me to do a whole lot of things and I do them because I love her. My wife wants a lot of things done that she never asks (for) and when I'm not clueless, I do them. Why? Because I love her. Not because, if I'll do the dishes and I'll mow the grass, I think she'll finally love me. I have the greatest peace of my life, not in probably any other area, but the greatest peace in the love of my wife. I don't doubt it for one second. Is Christs' love not greater church? Is it not far superior? Is His love not so great that we would not give are very everything, our very life, our very works, our very efforts, our very words, everything for Him? Or is it so small to us that we just don't care? This is a very important question! Do we care so little about the love of Christ, do we know the love of Christ so little that we will not get up and do what He has called us to do? And I'm not up here on a soap box telling you, you're all heathens and not doing it. I'm simply sharing the words that I feel that Christ is telling me to share and letting His Spirit convict you as He sees fit. I'm asking you and I'm asking myself is His love so small that we would not get up and do whatever He asks whenever He asks it? Has He not asked us to go into all the world and preach the gospel? Has He not asked us to be holy for He is holy? Has He not asked us to be a peculiar people, set apart, unique from this world? Has He not called us to love one another? Has He not called us to deny ourselves and to prefer our neighbor as more important than ourselves? So If I would do that for my wife, because I have no doubt in her love, but I doubt the love of Christ what needs to happen in this moment in my life is that I need to fall on my face before God and say please show me again Your great love. Because I want to know it. If that's you, you need to do the same thing. Christianity is not a manner of you coming and sitting on a pew every Sunday morning and going home and living your normal life as if nothing ever happened. Christianity is every waking second of every day you waking up and realizing that you have been bought at a price by someone who loves you more than you can imagine. And He has called you to a great many things.

#love #galatians

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