Killing Gossip - Why We Like To Hear It

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The words of a whisperer are like dainty morsels, And they go down into the innermost parts of the body. - Proverbs 18:8 As I said at the outset of this series, we MUST kill gossip or it will kill us! The first step in doing this (for us) is to ask the question why do we even like to hear it. Like principles of supply and demand, supply increases because demand increases. So... why do we like gossip or better yet why do we demand it so? Proverbs tells us that the words of a whisper, another word used for a gossip in scripture, are like "dainty morsels." (It's easy to read this proverb through the lens of what it says about the whisperer, but it's intended to get at the hunger of the one who consumes gossip.) The way the phrase "dainty morsels" was used in times past referred to things that one would greedily gulp down. Just like the last scoop of ice cream in the carton, it goes to the person who greedily gulps it down first. Thus, I propose the reason we are so eager to entertain gossip is because of a selfish, greedy hunger for it in all of us. It's called the flesh! The writer goes on to say that these dainty morsels go down into the innermost parts of our body. What's really noteworthy here is, if we combine this with the scripture that says "out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks" we see that those who demand gossip will by default repeat gossip, because those "morsels" go deep down inside and what is inside comes out the mouth. So in a strange vicious cycle our desire for these dainty morsels create a higher demand and then because of where they reside inside us we become the very people who fulfill the demand by speaking more gossip. So what do we do about this? Well, we must change our appetite. Scripture tells us to hunger and thirst for righteousness not dainty morsels. You see it's not enough to just abstain from a thing, we must train our appetite toward a new and better thing. From gossip to righteousness. From gossip to encouragement. From gossip to edification. From gossip to godly speech. Scripture tells us we've been given everything we need pertaining to life and godliness. So let us join together in killing gossip by no longer hungering for it. I'd love to hear your thoughts please comment in the comment section below or send an email to

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