The Big Picture

Hey church, as you remember this past week we looked at the big picture of the book of Galatians, going back as far as Genesis 12. In this week's message I hoped that you would all see the following ideas. 

First, that the gospel was proclaimed in the Old Testament to Abraham. This gospel was preached because the seed to which God referred was Jesus Christ.  Through this seed all the nations of the world would be blessed and this included the gentiles. This of course led to our 2nd point.

Second, I hoped that you saw that the Holy Spirit comes at the conversion of anyone who believes by faith in Jesus Christ. Now there is much contention about this in the church world today but the truth is, if we are adopted children that have the Spirit of adoption in order to live out life by the Spirit we must recieve the Spirit upon our conversion. 

Now because my hope is to live in harmony with other believers (who have great experiences themselves) we also must realize that there are many more encounters with the Spirit of God that are intended to come in a believer's life. Such as when God pours out his Spirit on us with certain gifts that we are to use for the building up of the body or the reaching of the world for the Gospel. 

Last but not least I shared with you that the gospel is not opposed to effort rather the gospel is opposed to earning. It is very important that we realize that we cannot earn our salvation. But it is no less important for us to see that because of the grace of God the scripture tells us to "make every effort", to "hold fast", to "stand firm", to "obey", to "work out our salvation with fear and trembling". All of these clearly show effort. 

I will be elaborating on many more points in this week's message as we get further and further into the book of Galatians.

#galatians #grace

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