The Book of Galatians

Sunday we embarked on a new series through the book of Galatians. This series will be unlike any other series in the past. We will not be narrowing our field of view to just one idea (such as grace and law). Instead we will see how Paul gives us insight on many key Christian ideas throughout his epistle. In this series we're going to be discussing:

  • How we've been given freedom in Christ and yet we're not to use our freedom to do whatever we please.

  • How we're justified by faith and not by works but that faith without works is dead.

  • We're told that the Spirit works in us to both will and to work for God's pleasure and also told to hold fast, stand firm, and work out our salvation with fear and trembling.

  • We're told that all things are permissible yet not beneficial but that we cannot continue in sin that grace might abound.

The challenge that's been set before us is to read the book of Galatians (six chapters) each day for the duration of this series. We must also put this in it's proper context and so wherever the letter leads we should be willing to chase the context to the beginning. I hope you all are looking forward to this series as I am. It will grow us if we will allow it!



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