Who supports the Non-Calvinistic interpretation?

Who supports the Non-Calvinistic interpretation?

Loraine Boettner, a respected Calvinistic Historian and Theologian, wrote “It may occasion some surprise to discover that the doctrine of Predestination was not made a matter of special study until near the end of the fourth century. The earlier church fathers placed chief emphasis on good works such as faith, repentance, almsgiving, prayers, submission to baptism, etc., as the basis of salvation. They of course taught that salvation was through Christ; yet they assumed that man had full power to accept or reject the gospel. Some of their writings contain passages in which the sovereignty of God is recognized; yet along side of those are others which teach the absolute freedom of the human will. Since they could not reconcile the two they would have denied the doctrine of Predestination and perhaps also that of God’s absolute Foreknowledge. They taught a kind of synergism in which there was a co-operation between grace and free will. It was hard for man to give up the idea that he could work out his own salvation. But at last, as a result of a long, slow process, he came to the great truth that salvation is a sovereign gift which has been bestowed irrespective of merit; that it was fixed in eternity; and that God is the author in all of its stages. This cardinal truth of Christianity was first clearly seen by Augustine, the great Spirit-filled theologian of the West. In his doctrines of sin and grace, he went far beyond the earlier theologians, taught an unconditional election of grace, and restricted the purposes of redemption to the definite circle of the elect.”

So, even by Calvinistic scholars own admission the Earliest Church Fathers did not teach the Calvinistic view of election, but in fact taught “the absolute freedom of the human will…a kind of synergism in which there was a co-operation between grace and free will.”

These Early Church Fathers include:

-Clement of Rome (AD30-100) -Ignatius (AD30-107) -Barnabas (AD100) -Justin Martyr (AD 110-165) -Irenaeus (AD120-202) -Tatian (AD110-172) -Tertullian (AD145-220) -Clement of Alexandria (AD153-217) -Origen (AD185-254) -Hippolytus (AD170-236) -Novatian (AD210-280) -Archelaus (AD277) -Alexander of Alexandria (AD273-326) -Lactantius (AD260-330)

Some have asked if I recommend any particular study Bibles. I have not vetted any one fully but I have enjoyed The Peoples New Testament with Explanatory Notes – One Volume Edition (2 volumes in 1) [Hardcover] B.W. Johnson (ISBN-13: 978-0892251414, ISBN-10: 0892251417)

Also, below is an ever growing list of modern day scholars who do not affirm the Calvinistic interpretation of the scriptures:

AW Tozer Howard Marshall Doug Stuart NT Wright Gordon Fee Scott McKnight David Baker William W. Klein Grant Osborne Robert Shank David A. deSilva Bill T. Arnold John Oswalt Brian Abasciano (he helped with this list) Ben Witherington III Thomas Oden C.S. Lewis Craig Blomberg (not A or C, but probably leans slightly more A) Craig Keener Jack Cottrell Gerald O. McCulloh (edited *”Man’s Faith and Freedom: The Theological Influence of Jacobus Arminius”) James Luther Adams (from “Man’s Faith and Freedom”) Russell Henry Stafford (from “Man’s Faith and Freedom”) Geoffrey F. Nuttall (from “Man’s Faith and Freedom”) Roger Olson Dale Moody Paul Copan James D. G. Dunn Jerry Walls Joseph Dongell Clark Pinnock Donald M. Lake William G. Witt A. Skevington Wood Vernon C. Grounds Terry L. Miethe Richard Rice John E. Sanders Fritz Guy Klyne Snodgrass Robert Picirilli F. Leroy Forlines Matthew Pinson Stephen Ashby Chuck Smith George Bryson Greg Laurie William Lane Craig Billy Graham Adrian Rogers Michael Brown Leonard Ravenhill David Wilkerson Bruce Reichenbach David J. A. Clines William G. MacDonald James D. Strauss C. Stephen Evans Paul R. Eddy William J. Abraham A. Philip Brown II Derek Prince Jack Hayford Gene L. Green Gareth Lee Cockerill James Leonard John Wesley Chrarles Edward White Anthony Chadwick Thornhill Aaron Sherwood B.J. Oropeza David Lewis Allen Steve Lemke Adam Harwood Jerry Vines Paige Patterson Richard Land Malcolm Yarnell Bruce A. Little Robert W. Wall G. Walter Hansen Philip H. Towner Adam Clarke Ravi Zacharias Paul Ellingworth William G. MacDonald James Strauss Philip Towner John Wenham Gary Habermas Nigel Turner Max Turner Michael Brown David Jeremiah Dave Hunt J. W. MacGorman E. Y. Mullins Herschel Hobbs W. T. Conner Frank Stagg Fisher Humphreys Bert Dominy Ken Keathley Norm Geisler Alister McGrath David Bentley Hart Mike Licona

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