The Many Problems of Calvinism

There are so many problems in the church today, and to pile on seems cruel. However there is one I want you to take VERY seriously; the teachings of Calvinism.

Let me first say that if you are among the many that will not reject the tenants of Calvinism one the basis of it's tradition or the people who espouse it (Piper, Sproul, Macarthur, Platt, etc.) you are (respectfully) making the same mistake as the Jewish believers of Jesus' day by caring more for tradition (the thoughts of mere men) than for what God's Word actually says.

The second thing I would bring to your attention is that although the scripture does in fact call all believers to maintain the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace it also says to watch out for false teaching, teachers and divisive people. I say that to say we can maintain unity and still address things that are BIBLICALLY out of line.

Let me offer for your serious study a couple resources that address these dangerous ideas and their logical and more importantly scriptural fallacies. NOTE: NO RESOURCE IS AS VALUABLE AS THE BIBLE ITSELF. This is why I've begun with both Leighton and Kevin because they simply refute the ideas Biblically. Please, if you are struggling with any of these ideas or teachings copy and paste the links below and study along and I'm beyond convinced that you'll see what the Bible says.

1. Dr. Leighton Flowers (a Bible professor at Texas Baptist)

2. Kevin Thompson (a pastor in New Orleans)

3. Frank Turek (Apologist)

4. Ravi Zecharias

5. John Lennox

There are many more but this is a good start!

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