Apologizing for the Bible?

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To no ones surprise the world we live in continues to blur lines that common sense once kept separate. The problem becomes more grave when the church begins to do or allow the same.

In the Bible, from Jesus Himself, we learn of an idea that Dr. Michael Brown calls "transformational inclusion." This idea states that God, wanting none to perish but all to come to REPENTANCE, embarked on a plan to transform fallen men and women thus including them in His plan of redemption. This is true love coupled with perfect justice.

However the prevailing idea today from the world and now some misguided pastors is an idea called "affirmational inclusion." An idea that states the only real way for God and Christians to "love" others is to affirm them and their lifestyle. This is not love and it erases God's justice as well as the clear biblical call to holiness.

As Christians we like to rank sin and deem some greater than others. This has sadly led to harsher treatment of some. The world translates this either to mean some are unacceptable to God or Christians are hypocrites. Truth is, ALL have EQUALLY sinned and thus fall short of the glory of God. Through Jesus Christ, God freely offers us all the opportunity for inclusion, but He doesn't affirm our sin. He transforms it! He calls us to holiness, to something better, to His best for our lives.

I'd love to hear your questions or thoughts.


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