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We're back to in-person services! Please see what that means below.

PPCC Precautions & Protocol:

As a leadership team, one of our goals is to provide the best possible environment for you so we can safely return to in-person worship. The following information is designed to provide clarity for what you and your family can expect when you arrive.



At this time, PPCC is set up for reduced capacity. This means that rows have been removed to provide extra distance. We ask that you only sit with those you share a household with and that you leave three seats between your family and others.


We will have our customary time of worship and message, although we will forgo our traditional greeting time. We will be celebrating communion together with individually wrapped elements.


Our service times will remain at the same time 10 A.M. 


Social Distance:

We will have markings on the floor throughout our buildings to encourage a safe social distance of six feet. Bathrooms will operate with social distancing guidelines in mind.


Kidz Point:

At this time, Kids Point will be closed. We are asking all families to join us together in the main auditorium. For families with infants or toddlers, the nursery will be open to change diapers.


Online Services:

For those who are still uncomfortable with venturing out, we will continue to offer our service online. Service will be live-streamed at 10 A.M. PPCC is on YouTube and Facebook Live. The links are in the description below.


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC29hRbnQPzmcgXBqpHMfmGQ/featured?view_as=subscriber


Facebook Live: 



Being Considerate:

We're asking you to be considerate of others as you return to PPCC. Therefore if you're sick or have been ill within the past 24 hours, we ask that you please remain at home and participate in services online. 


Additionally, if you have any health conditions that make you more vulnerable or you believe your age is a factor, we encourage you to participate from home as well. You can visit the CDC's website to read up on those at higher risk, but in the end, it is your choice to attend or not.



For those who feel comfortable attending, we strongly encourage you to wear a mask during services. Our volunteers will be happy to provide a mask for you if you don't have one. Each of our volunteers will be wearing a mask for your safety.



We will be cleaning common area surfaces before and after each service. We will also have plenty of hand sanitizer available.

Pastor's Website:

nathanfranckhauser.com is live and updated with content. 

Secret Sisters:

Secret Sisters is designed to help the women grow in godliness, specifically through fellowship, discipleship, and bible reading.

First, we would like to start secret sisters on May 17th. To do this, we need to make sure that all the women who want to sign up have signed up by May 12th. The year-long run will be May-May.

Second, we would like to have some outdoor social distancing gatherings. Our idea is to have a meet up in the parking lot. Women bring their own drinks/snacks and sit in a lawn chair or the back of their car and have a little party. To obey the requests made by the governor, we will have three parties available and ask people to sign up for one party. Only ten people per party. We will also ask and facilitate that people stay 6ft away and that they wear masks. We want to stay outside so that no one has to clean or sanitize the church after we leave. 

We would like to have a party on May 23rd, and June 6th. If we get a lot of interest, we hope to do more. 

Third, to help the discipline of bible reading, we have started bible reading accountability groups, and we hope to add a bible reading challenge on May 10th. 

If we can't be together, at least we can be on the same page. Doing things at the same time in groups is highly motivational for women, and we hope that we can instill in ourselves and help other women learn discipline in this area.

If you are interested email Betina at  betina.clust@ymail.com or Chelsea at chelseleapryor@gmail.com



We have received several inquiries regarding giving to the ministry of the church while we are not having our regular Sunday gathering. The Pierce Point Community Church family has always been very generous to give. As everyone knows, expenses of the church, i.e., building payments, utilities, salaries, etc., continue even though we are not meeting in the building.


We want to make giving as easy as possible. We always want to handle finances diligently and straightforwardly. Our role as stewards of God's provision must still be at the forefront of our ministry.

As you may be aware, giving through credit cards incurs a fee to process the transaction, so we are encouraging our community to look into these other options. You can have your bank send the check directly to the church's address. This is a method that doesn't incur a fee to you or the church and is easy to navigate on your mobile device or computer.

There is also the option of mailing a check directly to the church at 1300 White Oak Rd. Amelia, OH. 45102. If you have questions, please contact Tina Estes via email at estestina@gmail.com.

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